Tips from the Pro

We've asked Kevin to contribute to our blog - here is his first post:

Have you ever thought about the expression you drive for show but you putt for dough?

I have a quick and easy exercise for you the next time you hit the links.  I want you to examine your golf game from a statistical analysis if putting was an automatic. 

One a separate scorecard keep track of the total shots you hit before your ball lands on the green. 

 Next lets input 14 holes as a  2 putt which would totaling 28 shots and the last 4 holes as a one putt which would  total 4  so  add 32 to your total score.   

The question of the day is the score you see higher or lower than normal?   If you play a round of golf and you are using more than 32 strokes its time to see the Doctor, your golf game is very very sick. 

Many 1 putts,  

Kevin Frawley

PGA Head Golf Professional

The William J. Devine Golf Course at Franklin Park