Equitable Stroke Control

Some of you may have noticed that your posted Club Championship score was slightly different than your gross score on the card, this is because of equitable stroke control. ESC is an adjustment of a score on a hole to make it inline with your potential ability, basically for score entry purposes you have a maximum number of strokes you can take on a hole based on your course handicap.

This is the ESC table by course handicap range:

  • 9 or less - double bogey
  • 10-19 - 7
  • 20-29 - 8
  • 30-39 - 9
  • 40+ - 10

Here is an example of ESC in action - my course handicap is a 20. On the 16th hole I hit a poor tee shot, hit my second shot to the bottom of the hill, hit my third shot into the water, put another ball in play, hit that one into the water, put another ball in play, hit the green, and then two put - that is a total of 9 strokes on the card for Club Championship. When my score is entered for the tournament that 9 is adjusted down to an 8 to comply with ESC.

ESC should be applied to all rounds - not just tournament rounds.

You may have also noticed that I emphasized course handicap in this posting - your course handicap takes your handicap index and adjusts it for the course you are playing. The harder the course the higher your course handicap will be.

Let me know if you have any questions on ESC, course handicaps, or handicaps in general.