The Handicap Line on the Scorecard

As we get ready to kickoff the 2015 Match Play I thought it would be helpful to explain how to stroke the cards for match play.

The first thing to do is get everyone's course handicap off the board near the locker room. You'll want to take the number listed in the color tees you are playing (there are ratings for the red,yellow, and white tees for women).  For match play we'll be playing the red tees.

The next thing you'll do is figure the number of strokes each person is getting, to do this, take the difference between the lowest player's handicap and the other players.

Real life example, Player 1 is a 20 handicap, player 2 is a 22 handicap, player 3 is a 18 handicap, player 4 is a 24 handicap.

  • Player 3 is the lowest handicap at 18 - she gets no strokes.
  • Player 1 gets 2 strokes - 20-18=2
  • Player 2 gets 4 strokes 22-18 = 4
  • Player 4 gets 6 strokes 24-18 = 6

Now to allocate the strokes on the correct hole look at the handicap line on the scorecard - be sure to look at the correct line - the line that is below the color of the tees you are playing is the one you want to use - for our matches we'd look at the handicap line at the bottom of the card.

  • Player 1 gets strokes on 7 & 16 because they are the number 1 & 2 handicap holes.
  • Player 2 gets strokes on 3,7,11,16 because they are the 1-4 handicap holes.
  • Player 4 gets strokes on 3,5,7,11,12,16 because they are the 1-6 handicap holes.

Now that you know how to stroke a card feel free to set up a friendly wager with your group next weekend!

if you have questions please let me know or you can look at the handicap section on the USGA's website