2018 Season in Review

Hope some of you were able to get out and make some swings yesterday. It was nice to have a bonus golf day in December, especially considering how rough the weather was this year.

I pulled a rounds posted report from GHIN this morning to look at how many rounds we played, when we played them, where we played, and what our score differentials looked like. I masked everyone’s names so there is nothing to identify and individual member. I didn’t want anyone knowing how lousy my season was!

There was some interesting data from the report. We had 4.67 inches of rain in October and we had very few scores posted in October. We played a slightly higher percent of our rounds away from Franklin Park. George Wright is considered an away course for us. We also had a number of people with some really good rounds including a someone who shot a 77 at the Wright for a differential of 7.7!

I created this visualization in Tableau and you can see it here - tabsoft.co/2StwcvM