Opening Day

There was a great turnout for our Opening Day scramble today. Thanks to everyone for coming out to play the shortened event in the drizzle and downpours! Congratulations to Debra for closest to the pin on #8 (and for making the birdie putt).

First place went to the team of Sue P, Sue S, Denise D, and Sarah M (nice when you win your first Fairway Ladies tournament!)

Second place went to the team of Debra, Mary F, Faye, and Denise D.

Hopefully we have better weather for our next event!

2017 Season

Tee times started this weekend and hopefully good weather is around the corner! The tournament schedule has been posted in the events section of the site. The tournament committee did a great job planning out a mix of fun and serious events for the season. The opening day scramble is on May 5th and hope to see you all there!

Spring Teams

For those of you playing in Spring Teams this year the cups have been posted  - all 3 teams have a great course lineup. I'm pretty excited for #2's lineup - Plymouth, Pocasset, Black Rock, and Thorny Lea!

WGAM Season

The WGAM has posted the 2017 tournament schedule and there are some great courses on the list this year. Registration starts on 4/3 @7am - be sure to register early as I'm sure a number of these will fill up fast!

The season meeting/kickoff is on 4/1 at Wellesly Country Club.

Opening Day Results

We had a great turnout in not so great weather for Opening Day. Congrats to Tara, Marilyn, Sharon, and Jen for their victory!

2016 Handbook

We're posting a trimmed down version of the handbook for the 2016 on the site. Let us know if you have any questions!

2016 Season Applications

Hopefully the mild winter continues and we're back on the course sooner than we were last year! The 2016 season applications are out - please take a minute to complete and return the applications so the board can plan out the 2016 season!

2016 Election

We're now in the process of nominating new officers and we'd love to have your ideas and energy in the upcoming year! Please be sure to check your email for more details about running for an officer position.

Member/Guest - Guests Needed

Hi Everyone - there are a few Fairway Ladies that would like to play in the Member/Guest but don't have someone to invite. If you know of someone who'd like to play on the 19th please let us know!


Here are the details for the member/guest on July 19th.

  • Date = Sunday July 19th
  • Theme = Mexican Fiesta
  • Format = Better Ball of Partners at (90%) handicap.  It is preferable if you invite a guest who has an established handicap.  If that is not possible then the tournament committee with determine one for your guest.
  • Cost = $130 includes golf, cart, lunch and prizes
  • Deadline = sign up by Monday July 13th - checks should be made out to the Fairway Ladies and should be mailed to Jill

The Handicap Line on the Scorecard

As we get ready to kickoff the 2015 Match Play I thought it would be helpful to explain how to stroke the cards for match play.

The first thing to do is get everyone's course handicap off the board near the locker room. You'll want to take the number listed in the color tees you are playing (there are ratings for the red,yellow, and white tees for women).  For match play we'll be playing the red tees.

The next thing you'll do is figure the number of strokes each person is getting, to do this, take the difference between the lowest player's handicap and the other players.

Real life example, Player 1 is a 20 handicap, player 2 is a 22 handicap, player 3 is a 18 handicap, player 4 is a 24 handicap.

  • Player 3 is the lowest handicap at 18 - she gets no strokes.
  • Player 1 gets 2 strokes - 20-18=2
  • Player 2 gets 4 strokes 22-18 = 4
  • Player 4 gets 6 strokes 24-18 = 6

Now to allocate the strokes on the correct hole look at the handicap line on the scorecard - be sure to look at the correct line - the line that is below the color of the tees you are playing is the one you want to use - for our matches we'd look at the handicap line at the bottom of the card.

  • Player 1 gets strokes on 7 & 16 because they are the number 1 & 2 handicap holes.
  • Player 2 gets strokes on 3,7,11,16 because they are the 1-4 handicap holes.
  • Player 4 gets strokes on 3,5,7,11,12,16 because they are the 1-6 handicap holes.

Now that you know how to stroke a card feel free to set up a friendly wager with your group next weekend!

if you have questions please let me know or you can look at the handicap section on the USGA's website

Who Are the Fairway Ladies and How Much Do We Play

I took a look at our member list and pulled some GHIN reports to put together some basic information on who we are.

Here are the results:

  • We're primarily Boston residents.
  • Our median handicap is 26.
  • The median number of rounds posted from 4/1/2014 - 4/1/2015 is 22.
  • We had two members post 63 rounds during this time (one doesn't go to Florida for the winter!)

I've created a pdf version too if the above peaked your interest.


2015 Season Schedule

The snow is just about gone and it is finally time to golf!

The 2015 schedule has been posted in the events section of the website. If you are a WGAM member registration is open for their events - you can see the schedule on their website 

Membership Application

The 2015 Membership Applications are ready to go and will be mailed out soon. If you'd like to share this with potential new members (or if you are a potential new member) you can download a copy of the application.

2015 Season

My dreams of a good winter golf season were trumped by +100 inches of snow. Hopefully we are on the backside of winter and all this snow melts before April! The board is planning the 2015 season and we are looking forward to seeing everyone on April 11th at the season kick-off (the event is from 1-3pm at the clubhouse).

Charity Tournament

Thanks to everyone who supported the Charity Tournament either by playing or with a donation. We raised $5,100 to support Horizons for Homeless Children and Wish List Toys for Kids in Shelters. Kudos to Faye and her team for organizing the successful event and a big thanks to Kevin and the course for their help and support!

End of Season

Thanks everyone for a great 2014 season! Great weather, wonderful course conditions, and well run tournaments/weekend play all contributed to a very successful year! If you have any feedback on the season please feel free to email the eboard at

Hoping for a mild winter and looking forward to another great year in 2015!